Ребрендинг українського виробника тактичного спорядження

TTX is a Ukrainian company that, before the start of the war, was engaged in the production of products for fishermen and hunters, and now produces military ammunition.

What did you do?
Naming and tagline
Brand identity
Company presentation


During communication with the client, it was noticeable how their team is focused on continuous development and improvement. And not only in products, they were not afraid of changes in general. This became the starting point in positioning – we do things qualitatively, we improve things quickly.

Hold on. Test it. F*ck them

For the military, the quality of products, their reliability, as well as the ability to rework something for the appropriate conditions are vitally important. Therefore, TTX is now constantly testing its products, consulting with the participants in military operations and showing it in communications.

ТТХ. Ukrainian tactical gear

The name “Тактичне спорядження” is consonant with the english word “tactics” (tactical), and also echoes one well-known military term – TTC (tactical and technical characteristics). Therefore, it will easily come into use for our soldiers, for whom it is important not to waste a single extra second.


The sign is formed from four letters T forming the letter X, imitating a compass or compass rose.

Brand identity

The style follows the systematicity of tactical and technical tables, but has brighter accents. Therefore, it is clear, understandable, technical and straightforward. So that the product and graphic elements come first in communication, setting a certain military tone.


For the development of the website, a web design style was chosen that suits and emphasizes military affairs – brutalism. This is a simple and functional site, without oversaturation of animation with a minimum of colors.

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Project team

Project management – Vadim Gordeev

Creative direction – Oleh Svisch

Strategy – Artur Bosnian, Roman Zotov 

Copywrite – Volodymyr Oleschenko 

Art direction – Veniamin Kryzhanovskiy 

Design – Anna Koshyna

Web-design – Ivan Taranenko

Full stack development– Andriy Taranenko

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