Advertising campaign 360 during the war

KFC is an American chain of fast food restaurants, which has more than 50 restaurants in Ukraine. In autumn, the company launched a large-scale project together with the ‘Фонд Маша’ Foundation.

From that time, joint work on the social campaign 360 began. We had only 24 hours to develop the idea, because the project had to be launched asap. Having experience and expertise in rapid generation of creatives, we coped with the task perfectly.

What did we do?
Creative idea and slogan
Video and radio clips
SMM strategy

Idea and slogan

So, the idea and slogan of the campaign – “Tasteful and grateful” – was born at first. We wanted to succinctly convey the emotions of a person who, in addition to a delicious KFC chicken, receives gratitude for help, and his everyday mood changes to an elevated one. A key visual was additionally developed.

Then work on the advertising campaign began: from the very idea to its implementation through various communication channels. It turned out that there are many of them, including the first appearance on Ukrainian TV.

KFC is a global brand, so coordination with the international office takes more time than working in the local market. We did all creatives, presentations, storyboards, etc. in English. Despite this, the project was implemented in less than 2 weeks.

Video and radio clips

At the next stage, video and radio spots were created. They conveyed the emotions embedded in the main idea and attracted audiences of all ages.

The commercial was broadcast on the largest LED advertising screen in Europe in the Gulliver shopping center.

SMM-strategy of a social campaign

And the project was supported by such well-known personalities as Dasha Astafieva, Oleksiy Durnev and many others…

We also set ourselves the task of inculcating the culture of small donations in our clients. Therefore, as part of the KFC project, UAH 5 from each chicken burger is transferred to the Masha fund. And we have developed special stickers that people can buy and join in donating.

Project team

Project management –Vadim Gordeev

Creative direction – Oleh Svisch

Strategy – Roman Zotov

Copywrite – Volodymyr Oleschenko 

Design – Anna Koshyna

Production team

dir – Сашко Святський

dop – Михайло Сухомлін

production designer – Марія Хомякова

costume designer – Ксенія Одінцова 

make-up – Аліна Герасимчук

gaffer – Денис Шуст

1stAD – Гаяне Дз

producer – Олександр Бородін

executive producer – Тетяна Павлюк 

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